Vape Shot


Vape Shot

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• New refreshing way to enjoy mix drinks and shots with 0 calories and NO hangover!!!
• VAPESHOT brings out the real aroma and flavor of desire spirit
• Unique tip design allows using it with any bottle(18-30mm)

1. Get empty 2 litter bottle
2. Pour small amount of your favorite mix drink or shot(1-2oz)
3. Insert VAPESHOT on to the bottle
4. Hold firm and pump 15-20 times
5. Quickly release VAPESHOT to create VAPECLOUD
6. Enjoy!!!


  1. Jackson

    Vape Shot is the best thing since slice cheese. I had a party of 22 people we threw our keys in the bowl at the door and we Vaped all night. Crazy things happened. The Vape Shot was the life of the party. Happy Vaping.

  2. Lela Vargas

    Just received my Vapshot and we love it. Had my a father try it ( he’s old fashio ) and he couldn’t stop bragging about.

  3. Juan carlos

    Have shops in Houston ??

    • master

      nope not yet

  4. Claes Hallenius

    Hi guys,
    We are getting lots of requests adding your Vape Shot into our assortment.
    Could you supply this product to us?

    Thanks and best regards

    Claes Hallenius
    Product Manager
    CoolStuff AB
    Donaugatan 2
    211 20 Malmo

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